We welcome you by the seaside of Northen-Saaremaa.

Set on the Northen coast of Saaremaa, we're two kilometers away from the port of Triigi and right next to Leisi, where you can buy groceries and head to discover the iconic Angla windmills.


info@oitme.ee / +372 503 3930

Võta meiega julgelt ühendust helistades või meili teel kontakteerudes. Öömajutust saab mugavalt broneerida ka Bookingu vahendusel, eriürituste puhul palume pakkumise tegemiseks päring telefoni teel või meilitsi teha.


A local family dedicated to make you feel welcome.

Oitme hostel is a unique property located in a former Kolkhoz collective farm, surrounded by green pastures and 500 m from the beach on Triigi Bay. It offers basic rooms with free Wi-Fi. There is also an outdoor party site with a stage and lighting. Rooms in Oitme are basic and feature brick wall décor. Bathroom facilities are shared and feature a shower. Guests of Oitme have access to a washing machine, a sauna, volleyball and football fields, as well as a swing and a campfire area.


Find a room best suitable for you.

Room for 2 persons 38 €
Room for 3 persons 46 €
Room for 4 persons 53 €
Room for 5 persons 66 €
Family room for four 50 €